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Manuel Weyand


1. Courses Taught

∙Drums Principal Instrument

∙Drums Private Lesson

∙Drums Berklee Prep Lesson

2. Education

∙Master of Jazz Arts, Manhattan School of Music

∙Bachelor of Music, SUNY Purchase Conservatory


3. Career Highlights

∙Associate Professor of Practical Music at Paekche Institute of the Arts

∙1st Place at Generations Jazz Competition in Frauenfeld, Switzerland 2012

∙Member of the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program at the Kennedy Center Washington, D.C. 2010

∙Finalist International Generations Jazz Competition in San Francisco 2008”

∙Performances at Seoul Jazz Festival, Daegu International Jazz Festival, Ulsan Jazz Festival, Jarasum Jazz Festival, The Fringe Festival, Daejeon International Jazz Festival, Taehwagang International Jazz Festival

∙Performances and recording with artists including Danny Grissett, David Berkman, Todd Herbert, Jon Gordon, Bjorn Solli, Benny Benack, Sam Dillon, Lukas Gabric, Sandy Patton, Yoonseung Cho, JiYoung Lee, John Nam, Charlie Jung,

Manuel Weyand
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