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Berklee Track

- SJA Music Institute has been responsible for Berklee audition for the past 25 years as the first and only global partner of Berklee in Korea.


Berklee Track is designed to be the best educational system for those who are planning to enroll in Berklee, and it provides mandatory guidance for audition preparation and the transfer credits.


-SJA Berklee Track consists of a one-year diploma program followed by a six-month Berklee Track program. The students who take these programs can transfer up to 53 credits when they get admission from the Berklee.


This original program helps the students save tuition fees and plan ahead for early graduation.


-SJA Music Institute’s key subjects for transfer credits share the same curriculum as in Berklee College of Music and they are taught by Berklee alumni with officially licensed textbooks from Berklee. So, the transfer students can continue their studies in Berklee College of Music successfully after their acceptance.


-Berklee Track program provides transfer credit courses, pre-audition experiences, Berklee Track seminars, practical guidance to Berklee A&I, and academic planning and scheduling.

Application Guideline

Program Description

-Four semesters in total per year, each semester is a three-month course consisting of 7 to 8 subjects.


As Berklee's academic global partner, our institute offers the same curriculum as in Berklee College of Music, taught by Berklee alumni with officially licensed textbooks from Berklee.

-Each semester in this program consists of three to four core music courses with four to five theory and ensemble courses. The credits earned from these classes are mostly transferrable to the Berklee.


-There are three core music classes for every major, along with other 12 core music subjects. In addition, students also have opportunities to experience ensembles of different styles as well as studio recordings cover education both in music theory and performing.


-As a global contemporary music institute, SJA Music Institute reaches out globally to music institutions all around the world. In response to the rapidly growing music industry, SJA Music Institute strives to explore the trending education of every major and provide broader opportunities for field experiences as well as knowledge both in theoretical and practical levels.

Berklee Global Partner, SJA MI

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