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ABOUT SJA Since 1995

SJA Music Institute is the largest institute of contemporary music in South Korea.


SJA diploma program focuses on training professional musicians and its specialized curriculum help musicians get a job in the music industry. As a global academic global partner of Berklee, SJA also has Berklee transfer credit program as well as private lessons and other courses of different levels to offer the finest learning opportunities.


SJA institute became a leader of contemporary music in Korea by providing systematic and professional educational system for musicians from a wide range of academic backgrounds.


SJA promises to make continuous efforts to support all of those who have selected our institute for their musical growth with the first-class education.

음악 녹음



“First and Only”

SJA Music Institute was the first contemporary music school in Korea to be authorized fot performing arts and contemporary arts.

SJA Music Institute is the only institution in Korea that covers all diplomas, bachelor's degree, professional courses, private lessons and governmental scholarship course.

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"Berklee Global Partner"

SJA Music Institute has been the first and only Berklee’s global partner in South Korea since 1998.

SJA students who completed Berklee Track Program may transfer 53 credits when they get admitted to Berklee. Berklee faculty members and admission team annually visit Korea and host Audition & Interview and clinics at SJA Music Institute. That’s why SJA Music Institute has become the best choice for those who plan to attend Berklee.


"Professional Programs"

SJA Music Institute offers diverse professional academic courses, including certificate program for performing arts and Protool, studio sound engineering, music business, EDI, music production, song writing, film scoring, as well as practical knowledge for careers in music industry. SJA Music Institute always strives for a better understanding of rapidly growing music industry and music education.


"Live Performance, Master Clinics and Concert"

SJA students are open to diverse live performance opportunities, such as weekly ensemble concert, graduation concert, studio recording, and busking. Furthermore, SJA Music Institute holds concerts with world-class musicians and professors from Berklee College of Music.

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