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Kang Wook Lee

Composition, Film Scoring

1. Courses Taught

∙Jazz Composition

∙Film Scoring

∙Jazz Harmony, Classical Harmony, Counterpoint

∙Jazz Piano, Music History


2. Education

∙Master of Music Theory and Composition

Cal State University, Northridge, 2014~2017

∙Certificate of Film Scoring, UCLA, 2011-2013


3. Career Highlights

∙Movie ‘Vengeance: Teardrops, composer, 2016

‘Vengeance: Unsolved, composer, 2017

‘sychokinesis’ composer, 2018

‘High Society’ composer, 2018

‘FENGSHUI’ composer, 2018

‘Hit-and-Run Squad’ Composer, 2019

‘The Battle: Roar to Victory’ composer, 2019

‘Man of Men’ composer, 2019

‘The Wandering Chef’ composer, 2020

‘The Policeman's Lineage’ Composer, 2022

‘Alienoid I’ Composer, 2022

‘Alienoid II’ Composer, 2023

∙TV Series ‘OCN :The Lies Within’ Composer, 2019

‘MBC: Kairos’ Composer, 2020

‘KBS: Revolutionary Sisters’ Composer, 2021

‘TVN: Adamas’ Composer, 2022

∙Netflix Series ‘Mask Girl’ Composer, 2023



Park Ki Young, Kim Tae Young, Hong Kyoung Min, Poong Kyoung, Tae Jin Ah, Lim Hyoung Joo Concert Session

Musical ‘Forbidden Planet’, Concert Session

Cho Kwan Woo, Seo Youne Eun, BMK, Lisa, Cho Jang Hoek ,Park Hak Gi, So Chan Hwe, Park Hye Kyoung, Concert Session

Lee Sang Eun, David Choi,ang Yoon Jung, Cho Hang Joe,, Park Sang MinConcert Session

Park Ki Young ,Rumble Fish, Riar Band, Park Jung Ah, Drama ‘Sikgaek’ O.S.T : keyboard recording

Kang Wook Lee
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