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Joosung An

EDI, Producing, DAW

1. Courses Taught

∙EDI Principal Instrument

∙Electronic Sound Design and Production

∙DAW Private Lesson

∙Berklee A&I Pre Lesson


2. Education

∙SJA Music Institute, Berklee Track

∙Bachelor of Music, Berklee College of Music EPD and Performance Piano


3. Career Highlights

∙CJ Music scholarship, Berklee World Tour scholarship

∙Berklee Achievement Grant, Berklee Division Achievement

∙2023.02.03 MORENE GROOVE [MOONSUN with An0 & NEI Live Performance

∙2022.12.08 Yohna [Without Me] pian

∙2022.06.14 1Full Album [Echosystem] 16 tracks

∙2022.05.30 Digital Single [Lost cause] Digital single

∙2022.05.06 Rolling Hall [ band 87dance] piano session

∙2021.09.16 An0kimparkjeje [yes we are] mix, mastering, arrange, piano,

synth, midi programming

Joosung An
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