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Jimin Kim

Film Scoring, DAW, Theory

1. Courses Taught



-Tonal Harmony

-Film Scoring, Logic Pro X

2. Education

-Master of Music, Berklee College of Music

-Bachelor of Music, Berklee College of Music

-Bachelor of Music, KyungHee University


3. Career Highlights



-  Drama

2022 ENA ‘Love is for Suckers’

2022 EBS ‘Fall For You’

2022 TVING ‘Newnormalzine’

2022 EBS ‘Beast of Asia2’

2022 KakaoTV ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’

2022 KBS ‘Crazy Love’

2022 Disney+ ‘Rookie Cops’

2021 Whynot Media ‘Best Mistake 3’

2021 Whynot Media ‘I Don’t Care’

2021 KakaoTV ‘The Great Shaman Ga Doo-Shim’

2021 EBS ‘Beast of Asia’

2020 OCN ‘Dark Hole’

2020 TVN ‘Awaken’

2020 JTBC ‘Hush’


- Film

To Live To Sing, The Decent Woman, Nodding Off, Eggs Change


- Album

‘Small Beginnings’



Album ‘As It Is Now’, LISA ‘Sweet Peace’



Clarinet Album ‘Breathe’, ‘I'm Pressing on the Upward Way’



Howon University, Baekseok University, SJA Music Institute

Jimin Kim
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